Peter’s Interview with José Higueras

When you took the job with the USTA in 2008 American tennis had a lot of problems. What made you decide to take the job with the USTA and move from one-on-one coaching and being extremely successful being, to signing on to something that really wasn’t looking promising?

When it comes to tennis I was always trying to make a decision that would be challenging for me and the one that would be worth getting involved with. So I thought that at that tennis in the US was in such disarray that it would take a very long time to improve this situation. When talking to the USTA I needed a reassurance and a commitment that they would give us enough time to try to fix it. When I got that, I thought that I could make a difference. I love tennis, and I could help a lot of kids, but most importantly I could help a lot of coaches. And that’s basically, how it started. It was difficult a couple of years but I think now we have a system in place and slowly starting to see the results. You have to realize that this is 10-15 year project, so we are now in our 9th year.

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