Wise Words from Adil Shamasdin

Peter Figura had the opportunity to interview Canada’s No. 3 Doubles player Adil Shamasdin and this is part of what he had to say.

So how do you go about winning four tournaments in five weeks, each time playing with different partner?

Well, definitely feels like it is something special, but to be fair there is also a lot of luck involved, But you can create your own luck. Those breaks can happen at any time. You simply have to stay with the process and the breaks will come. Winning is also a habit. When you start winning you expect to win, and have that feeling that you can do it. Even playing with different partners I’ve had a lot of positive energy that I was trying to pass on to my partners. You have to also remember that for each of the tournaments I won, could have ended up with me losing in the first round. You just have to believe in yourself, your partner and the process. The guy I was playing in Wroclaw (Poland) found me on Facebook. I’d never met him, and didn’t even know who he was. We actually met for the first time on the elevator at the tournament site. Because he was playing singles, we only had a chance to practice for about 30 minutes before our first round match. As strange as this sounds, that actually might have helped us because there were no expectations at all. I was just focusing on my game. Doubles is good that way because cannot control what your partner is going to do, nor what your opponents are going to do. You just have to focus on one thing you can control, and that is your game.


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